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anthony-raneri-acoustic-tour-2Im going to be joining my BFF Anthony Raneri for an acoustic tour this winter! You could even say its “LIT” and I wouldn’t even be mad CUZ YOU’RE RIGHT. Get your tickets now, tell your friends how LIT its going to be, plan a tailgate, watch us score musical touchdowns.

12/7/16- SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Hotel Utah – http://ticketf.ly/2ddsR1p

12/8/16- SAN DIEGO, CA – Soda Bar – http://fgtix.to/2dgbvBC

12/9/16- SANTA ANA, CA- Constellation Room – http://tktwb.tw/2dvpeqv

12/10/16- PHOENIX, AZ- Valley Bar –http://ticketf.ly/2cRs2eA

12/11/16- LAS VEGAS, NV- Backstage Bar & Billiards- http://ticketf.ly/2cGR6a5


Kali Tour Poster

Been LOVING the shows and everyone who has come out so far! Come join us on the last leg. Kali Kazoo has these awesome posters for sale at every show so COME GET ONE because they’re AWESOME.


2016 California Love Tour V1

Tiny Stills is coming to a California city new you this summer! Along with bands Kali Kazoo and Electric Strawberry. Come sing, cry, dance, laugh, hang out and sing along. We may be announcing some more shows so stay tuned and check back for updates!

7/27/16 – SACRAMENTO, CA – Cafe Colonial – http://bit.ly/29uO8lg

7/28/16 – SAN JOSE, CA – Art Boutiki –http://bit.ly/29mFs0W

7/29/16 – OAKLAND, CA- Starline Social Club –http://bit.ly/29jCZFz

8/6/16 – SAN LUIS OBISBO, CA- Ladyfest – http://bit.ly/29jDzmD

8/7/16 – LOS ANGELES, CA- The Bootleg- http://bit.ly/Qwl3tF

8/8/16 – LONG BEACH, CA- Di Piazza-http://bit.ly/1imsSPC


On top of that this month I’m doing the first PAID Patreon video. I’ve already released a ton of cool videos/covers/downloads on my Patreon feed which you only get if you support my paid posts (which are once every.. 5 months or so. Being generous with that guess). So check out my Patreon and support me on it because DIY!