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Kali Tour Poster

Been LOVING the shows and everyone who has come out so far! Come join us on the last leg. Kali Kazoo has these awesome posters for sale at every show so COME GET ONE because they’re AWESOME.


2016 California Love Tour V1

Tiny Stills is coming to a California city new you this summer! Along with bands Kali Kazoo and Electric Strawberry. Come sing, cry, dance, laugh, hang out and sing along. We may be announcing some more shows so stay tuned and check back for updates!

7/27/16 – SACRAMENTO, CA – Cafe Colonial – http://bit.ly/29uO8lg

7/28/16 – SAN JOSE, CA – Art Boutiki –http://bit.ly/29mFs0W

7/29/16 – OAKLAND, CA- Starline Social Club –http://bit.ly/29jCZFz

8/6/16 – SAN LUIS OBISBO, CA- Ladyfest – http://bit.ly/29jDzmD

8/7/16 – LOS ANGELES, CA- The Bootleg- http://bit.ly/Qwl3tF

8/8/16 – LONG BEACH, CA- Di Piazza-http://bit.ly/1imsSPC


On top of that this month I’m doing the first PAID Patreon video. I’ve already released a ton of cool videos/covers/downloads on my Patreon feed which you only get if you support my paid posts (which are once every.. 5 months or so. Being generous with that guess). So check out my Patreon and support me on it because DIY!



MCS So Long Farewell Tour

I’ll never forget the first time I heard Motion City Soundtrack. I was playing in band with my friend Kaleo, and their music video for “The Future Freaks Me Out” came on the television while we were taking a break. After it ended, with a mutual “holy shit that was good” we turned down the volume and left the TV on, so that if it happened to play again while we were practicing we could stop and listen. We used to play for hours in his basement- till my fingers would bleed and I’d lose my voice and then we’d throw our sweaty selves down on the grass in the front yard to cool off and talk about the music that inspired us to keep doing that to ourselves. Motion City Soundtrack came up more often than not. Some of my most sacred musical memories were born in that basement, including my love for MCS. I was instantly inspired, and they became a staple in my musical scenery and influenced me from that moment on. If desert islands had CD players, Commit This to Memory would be one of the first albums I’d mention bringing along. All this, just to say that words are failing to express how excited I am that Tiny Stills will be opening their May 8 date at Ace of Spades in Sacramento along with Microwave and The Spill Canvas. This is going to be an amazing show- get your tickets here!

Go to www.motioncitysoundtrack.com for more dates and go see them play this final tour. You’re gonna want to save this ticket stub for when you inevitably stumble upon it and then can use it to explain to your children why their musical education should begin with some good ol’ Motion City Soundtrack. Come celebrate with all of us, scream some lyrics, cry a little, and lets make this one to remember.

See you in the front, Sacramento!
Tiny Stills